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Friday, June 10, 2011

Puff puff sniffle sniffle

Well luckily yesterday's classes were easy... my body is fighting off something. After thinking I was losing my voice, it turned out it's just a plain-old cold and has transformed into itchy-eyes, a runny nose and sneezing. Who knows, change of climate, hanging out with kids (no matter where you are kids are germ bombs!) or just doing a lot. I think it is the combination of all of those things AND, the pollution. There are no inspections or insurance requirements to drive a car here.

...Crazy story. Last week in Antigua, I was walking down the street and on the other side there was a Guatemalan man walking by himself. A large red city bus (they call them chicken buses, I'm not sure why) started to approach. It stopped for some people at the corner, and as it passed the man walking, it picked up speed and changed gears. Just then a H U G E & G I A N T puff of black smoke larger than a new VW Beetle shot out of the muffler and SURROUNDED the man walking. He actually disappeared in the cloud of smoke for about 1 second. My friends and I were in ahhh. It was funny, and seemed almost like a cartoon. The man kept walking and started waving his hands and laughed a little. Which brought me to the assumption, he may have seen or experienced this before!

Moral of the story. Be grateful for state inspections people!!!!

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  1. Love reading this and the one about smiling so hard your face hurt.

    Well wishes.