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Friday, July 22, 2011

La Sistema Respiratorio

Breathing, yoga and La Limonada. Why yoga in a place where people are struggeling to find work and food? How will yoga make a difference. I ask myself this all the time and people ask me as well. The last two weeks have been even more insightful to me why God has brought me here. We have been connecting the practice with a short lesson about the respiratory system.

I don't have statistics related to kids in La Limonada using drugs, but in the last 2 weeks I have seen 2 kids walk by me right in the street (about age 14-16) huffing glue. Glue is C H E E P. Here in La Limonada kids buy it by the Q. The Q=Quetzal is the currency here. 1 doller=7.5 when kids are buying glue by the Q that tells you that they get there hands on drugs for less than a dollar. They simply go to a house and buy it in a plastic bag. A plastic bag full of glue they carry around with them until it evaporates while they breathe it up. What the inhalents do is basically eat you from the inside really fast. And they get hooked even faster.

By teaching the children about the respiratory system, the will experience breathing deeply, how when they breath clean air it strengthens their body and how the body becomes weaker if exposed to chemicals and smoke. They breathing exercises also give them a gang to know how they can breath deeply so if they are
exposed to huffing, they can feel the difference in the strength of their lungs from when they use and when they don't. I tell the kids that the breathing exercises are also ways for them to calm themselves down if they are scared, angry or worried.

The pics in this blog are from this week.

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