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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What works?

Repetition works

...that is what I have realized....duh! I know, but now into the groove of my teaching I have a system. I have one main component each week that I thread through in each of my classes, but every class is different in someway, and there are NEVER the same amount of students from one week to the next.... I love this. :) But I love the challenge also of adapting my lesson to each age group and each class. In Mandarina (one of the schools in La Limonada) we have separated the older kids boys and girls. It is really interesting to see how differently they respond as compared to the students in Limon (other school. We did this primarily because of numbers and because the kids in Mandarina are a little older....but back to lessons.

This week the theme was seeing the uniqueness of each person, honoring/acknowledging each individual and making connections. Tall order! But it worked!
The physical theme ASANAS practice (poses) in the class meaning what we embody was "Connections"
...interlacing, crossing the midline of the body, connecting contra-later parts of the body and connecting hands with others partner and group. For you yogis: eagle pose, cow faced, partner lean back Anusara style stretch etc...

We took our theme of connections into PRANYAMA (breath rhythm) by again using (like we had in March when I was here) taking a simple rhythm from our hands and connecting that to our breath in the same rhythm, listen to each student in the class individually contribute a rhythm and validate that contribution by repeating it back to them.

Finally for DHARANA (meditation practice) the younger students listen to a guided meditation (I will include it in Spanish & English in a later post) about riding the waves of their breath like waves of a boat and staying connected to their breath while noticing the relaxed state of their body. Older kids drew an infinity sign for 5 minutes in two different colors (pictures to follow soon).

I have taught theses lessons this week 10 times already so each time I get clearing with my Spanish AND clearer with the lesson. I am learning SO SO much. Love it!

PS Im not home sick anymore. I am so so glad I am here yes, and looking forward to how the students will continue to lean and experience the benefits of the practice!

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